Monday, April 19, 2010


Mike and I went to visit our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Tony in early February. They live in Silver Lake, CA.  Wikipedia describes Silver Lake as "... a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California east of Hollywood and northwest of Downtown Los Angeles.  Silver Lake is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, but is best known as and eclectic gathering of hipsters, the creative class and a noticeable presence of LGBT people."  My oldest daughter Katie visited late last year and described it as a dressy upgraded Nicaragua! I loved it. We stayed in a Days Inn on Sunset Boulevard and walked everywhere and felt safe early in the morning and late at night. Since eating is my main passion in life Silver Lake was like my new best friend. There were so many restaurants to choose from -  from hole-in the-wall taco stands to fancy eateries. It's also a haven for vegans.  (I have learned, from a good source, that one of the fancy places puts rosemary on their Biscuits and Gravy-YUK. Sometimes those folks in California take things just a tad to far.) But I digress...

Sarah and Tony took us to brunch at a place called Dusty's. Dusty's is located on Sunset Boulevard a few blocks from their home. This spacious, airy restaurant is best described as a French Bistro. The day we went everyone enjoyed mimosas and the most wonderful food.  For breakfast they serve egg and bacon dishes, poached egg Molliere, Florentine omelets, French toast and Provencale Crapes.  At lunch and dinner times you can choose from quiches, pasta, burgers, roasted lamb sandwiches, croque monsieur and steamed mussels.  These are just a few of the things that you can get.  I selected a dish called Eggs A La Luna.  It's an english muffin, with melted fresh mozzarella, topped with steamed asparagus spears a poached egg, fresh parmesan and crispy prosciutto. It was irresistibly good.  When they say fresh it was like they had picked the asparagus that morning in their backyard.  This is such a simple thing to make that no specific recipe is necessary.  It is a quick and easy breakfast to assemble and with asparagus now at the farmer's market this is the time to make it.  I made this once with thick sliced bacon and another time with sliced ham.

                                                 Eggs A La Luna with thick sliced bacon

                                                          Eggs A La Luna with ham

Life is good, enjoy!

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